Easy Ways To Introduce Sex Toys To Your Partner

There still is a lot of prejudice around sex toys, and many people will not admit that they actually have a drawer full of these adult playthings in their bedroom. This is a peculiar behaviour because, despite all the snickers and scoffs, sex toy sales are on the rise. Internet shops are reporting record sales, which comes as no surprise given the fact that they will ship their merchandise discretely.

Sharing your toys with someone is more fun than playing alone. Isnít that what your mother always told you? While your plaything in the bedroom will probably look a little different than what you were using in a sandbox, the idea of sharing your toys continues to apply. Today, many sex toys can be used for both men and women, and even if they are gender specific, one partner can use the tool on the other.

Some partners have no problem with sharing vibrators, dildos, anal beads, feathers and liquid chocolate, while others are rather timid. They would love to experiment and learn, but are not exactly sure how to do that. Shy partners will need a little help to get over their embarrassment, which you can provide by taking some of the following ideas into consideration.

1. Discuss The Topic

When you want to introduce adult toys into your sex life, talk about it first. You can look at pictures in a catalogue, browse a few website, and even suggest a few sex toys. Explain what these devices will do and what kind of sensations they can trigger. Ask your partner if he or she wants to give it a try, and give him or her the reassurance that if it does not work out, the matter is closed. Generally, this does not happen, as once the partner has experienced the amazing sensation these toys can provoke, they are hooked.

2. Take It Slow

Give your partner time to adjust to one toy before introducing another. Too many sex toys at once can be overwhelming and may give the wrong impression. When selecting your first sex toys, stick to the traditional, non-scary specimens. For women, start with a simple vibrator before working your way up to a jack rabbit. Men should stick to a silicone or snap on cock ring first, as the metal one can not only provoke pleasure, but also pain, if not properly worn. To view and purchase sex toys for couples discreetly online, visit http://www.tickleanddelight.com/product-category/lifestyle/sex-toys/sex-toys-for-couples/

3. Roll playing

This may seem like an odd suggestion, but pretending to be someone else can really help a person to loosen up. They can even wear clothing typical for the character they want to portray. Nurses, policemen, naughty school girls, fire fighters, belly dancers, French maids, pirates, Tarzan & Jane, and other personas that are popular or exotic. Use whatever makes your partnerís boat float. You wonít regret it.

Sexual aids are not only to enhance your sexual pleasures; they can also help couples experiencing sexual problems, or those who want to improve their relationship. A healthy sex life is important to any partnership, whether the relationship has just begun, or already has 20 years under its belt.

4. Watch a sex show

Adult perfomers use dildos and other sex toys in their shows. So if you want to get a taste of it before delving in yourself, why not hire a girl (or two) to perform a strip show for you. Female Strippers has an array of girls who perform dildo shows, and can be a great way to break the ice.

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