Adult shops – How To Find The Best One

When you are interested in sex toys, you will have to find a reputable dealer. Many online or neighbourhood adult shops will sell the products you are want, yet that does not necessarily mean that you should buy your gadgets from them. You have choices, so use them wisely, and only deal with a sex shop that not only offers you a wide range of quality products, but will also respect your privacy. Research your options so you will find the best adult shops around.

Indeed, there is no reason for you to feel cornered. Today, you can shop virtually at thousands of websites all over Australia, the U.S., and any other country on the globe. Reliable merchants will operate discretely, offer excellent customer service, and will keep your personal preferences completely secure. If this is your first time investigating adult shops and you feel rather insecure, consider the following tips. They may be more helpful then you think.

1. Ask around

Word of mouth recommendations are valuable. Of course, you have to muster up the courage to ask your friends for information. Not all of them may be forthcoming about the fact that they use sexual aids. For many people, sex toys like vibrators, dildos, anal plugs, and blowup dolls are still taboo. They will plain and simple refuse to talk about it.

The same can be said with hiring strippers or topless waitresses for a private function. With so many companies out there, you want to make sure you go through one that is reliable and high quality. Getting recommendations from friends who may have booked through an agency before, for their own bucks night or stag party can be a good idea. Companies such as Female Strippers Melbourne is one such business that is built on reputation and quality referrals.

2. Check references

While few people will actually hand out written references, many consumers will list their experiences with adult shops online. Check message boards, forums and review sites. If you are lucky, some networking members may actually answer a few of your questions about the sites they prefer for their adult toy shopping. They can enlighten you about shipping fees, delivery times and customer service performance.

3. Do your own investigation

If you are not convinced that a particular adult shop is living up to its reputation, conduct a little experiment. Find a product you would like to purchase. Read the information and find a detail about the item that was not addressed on the website. Either call or email the website’s customer service department with your inquiry, and see how long it will take before you receive a satisfactory answer. You can ask about a specific product, their shipping and handling fees, return policies, etc. A company I've found to be reliable are Novelty Gifts which have a wide range of adult products and are very customer focused, responding to enquiries promptly and professionally.

4. Price comparison

Regardless if you buy sexy lingerie, masturbators, penis pumps, prostate vibrators, massagers, lubricant, or a vibrating clit super sucker, always compare prices. Once you start your research, you will soon notice how drastically prices can vary. Saving a few dollars here and there will result in enough in a lot of savings, which you then can use to buy an additional toy.

5. Spam

You only want to shop at a store or website that will keep your personal information private. Do not give any adult shops – or any other business for that matter - your email, mailing address, birthday, and credit card information, unless it is absolutely necessary. Do not hand over these details until you have a guarantee that your data will remain safe. If you ignore this rule, you may end up with countless amounts of spam. It is a nuisance you really do not want to deal with.

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